Eric French’s Guitar Garden

eric french’s guitar garden

beautiful tone, perfect parts

basics in boston, keys from kansas city, vocals at home, then we'll mix in NY... it's a brave new world. eric french's guitar garden is a combination of palette and playing experience. inspiration and song sense come from a deep repertoire of popular music, helped along by my own work as an artist and bandleader. experience in part creation from involvement in countless original music projects and 4 years at berklee/ 10 years playing for a living help too. throw in the engineering chops to get it down cleanly for 1 stop remote guitar track shopping!

you'll upload a mix for me to track to, along with your ideas for guitar in your project. i'll find the perfect sounds and parts, then send you back the wav files. if you're not thrilled the first time around, we'll go back to the drawing board and make sure we get it right. and neither one of us have to leave the house! i am available for sessions/ gigs/ barbecues out in the world though.

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